image description Mary P. Chubb
Attorney at Law


  • University of CA, San Diego
  • University of Hawaii

Graduate Degree:

  • PD University of Hawaii,
  • MS University of Oregon
  • JD Monterey College of Law


  • Monterey County Bar Assoc.
  • Monterey County Family Law Section

Law Offices of Mary P. Chubb

Mary Chubb, who specializes in Family Law and Guardianship of Children, knows how difficult divorce, separation and child custody issues can be. She helps her clients understand the judicial process and will help you through the transitions with intelligence and compassion. You receive personal attention and meet with the attorney at all phases of the processes.

Divorce: Issues of Division of Property, Child Custody and Child Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support are addressed when relevant to your case. The California Family Law Codes provide the basis for the determination of these issues.

If you and your spouse have agreed that the divorce can proceed as a Uncontested Divorce, then The Law Offices of Mary P. Chubb will work with the parties in preparing a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA).  An uncontested divorce allows the spouses to obtain a divorce without having to physically appear in court.

Child Custody and Support issues are often focused on in the beginning stages of the divorce. If the parties cannot agree, temporary orders will help the parents and children in the initial stages of the divorce.

Parenting Plans describe how the parents will divide their responsibilities for taking care of their child.

Legal Custody describes how parents make major decisions about their children’s health, education, and welfare.

Physical Custody describes where the child lives and which parent has the day to day responsibilities. Legal Custody and Physical Custody may be each be specified as Joint (both parents share the responsibilities), and Sole (one parent has the responsibility alone).


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