Divorce–How to Protect Your Children

Posted on December 11, 2014

Divorce is painful regardless if you are the spouse filing for divorce or the one responding. It hurts everyone in the family, particularly the children. My years of experience as a Family Law-Divorce attorney has shown me that with care and knowledge the divorcing parents can help their children through this loss.

So often the parents are so entrenched in their divorce battle that they lose sight of the children’s best interests. It is important to keep the conflict away from the children.  Do not attempt to persuade the children to take sides with you and do not discuss the details of the divorce with your children. When parents put the children in the middle and require them to choose between their mother and father, often times the children become angry and depressed. The conflict can also negatively impact the court’s custody ruling.  I vigorously represent parents in child custody matters.