image description Mary P. Chubb
Attorney at Law


  • University of CA, San Diego
  • University of Hawaii

Graduate Degree:

  • PD University of Hawaii,
  • MS University of Oregon
  • JD Monterey College of Law


  • Monterey County Bar Assoc.
  • Monterey County Family Law Section

Family Law

Child  Custody

Child Custody issues in divorce or parental actions impact families significantly. Mary Chubb works with her clients in determining parenting plans.  The best interest of the children is paramount. Legal Custody and Physical Custody and Visitation rights are explained and litigated when needed.  Mary Chubb litigates in court Move-Aways when the custodial parent requests to move to another city, state or country and the non-custodial parent objects.


Child Support:

Child Support and Family Support based on the State of California Family Law Child Support Guideline is an essential aspect of the divorce or parentage proceedings. Mary Chubb excels in addressing expedient, beneficial child support needs.

Spousal Support:

Temporary and Permanent Spousal Support is addressed  and vigorously pursued for the requesting spouse,  as well as Termination and Step-Downs of Spousal Support for the supporting former spouse.  Spousal Support is often called Alimony.